New Admissions for the session 2024-2025 will begin in 3rd October, 2023. For more details please visit the school office.


A proper education system can change a person; a properly educated person can change society, and a knowledgeable society can change the world. Therefore, at STRATFORD DAY SCHOOL we have been trying to make a wise and knowledgeable nation through proper education since 2003. Our primary focus here is to provide a stress-free and easy-to-use educational system that engages children in learning.

SDS has always believed that each child has unique characteristic patterns of thinking, feelings and behaving. The education system at SDS addresses this issue and imparts knowledge with understanding. This helps our students and they can apply their idea with the help of their understanding-based knowledge despite their different personalities.

AS per NEP, SDS offers

  • Pre-primary Section will start at around three years old.

  • Multiple options are available for selecting subjects from STD-IX onwards (based on Science, Commerce streams)

  • Proper suggestions on scoring subjects will be advised for good performance in the board exams.

  • All sections are identified by the proper name, not by A, B, C, etc.

  • Every Friday, there will be a competition on co-curriculum activities among the houses.

  • Students can prove their aesthetics through co-curriculum activities.

  • Ample playground filled with different games and sports facilities.

  • SUPW activities prepare our students to take responsibility for society.

  • Students can test their competencies through inter and intra-school competitions.

  • A facility of IIT-Foundation courses are provided along with regular syllabus.

  • Senior students get the opportunity to work in fully equipped laboratories for various subjects.

  • Our STD 12 passed students have already established themselves in various fields of life through understanding-based knowledge.